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Our OFFICAL Launch date it JULY 1st                                                                                                   

Nikki Starr Cosmetics

Bring out your wild side with Nikki Starr Cosmetics. We're your first online source for deliciously dark, yet affordable makeup products. We think you'll love our selection of lipsticks, eyeshadows and more.

About Us.

The founders of our business are passionate about providing the best makeup products to customers around the nation, Melissa Fox (Nikki Starr) has been in the Goth, Deathrock community for over 25 years playing in the iconic band Fear Cult, Melissa is now working as a special effects makeup artiest in Riverside, Ca at Morbx FX Lab. She knows how to rock extreme looks and knows which cosmetics will appeal to everyone in the subculture as well as mainstream and high fashion.